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Maybe, I Tell Myself

1. Maybe he'll come around.

2. Maybe you'll meet someone better.

3. Maybe you need to wait for him.

4. Maybe you need to move on.

5. Maybe he'll never change.

6. Maybe you shouldn't stop hoping.

7. Maybe you're too intense.

8. Maybe you're not intense enough.

9. Maybe you need to try getting through to him again.

10. Maybe it's his turn to reach for you.

11. Maybe you need to change.

12. Maybe you need to accept the way you are.

13. Maybe you need to stop questioning yourself.

14. Maybe there's something you haven't considered.

15. Maybe he thinks it's too late.

16. Maybe it's too late.

17. Maybe you have to be patient.

18. Maybe you've waited long enough.

19. Maybe he thinks he's beyond help.

20. Maybe you can't help.

21. Maybe you wanted too much.

22. Maybe you deserved more.

23. Maybe you assumed too much.

24. Maybe you didn't take what was yours.

25. Maybe you really aren't his type.

26. Maybe you smothered him.

27. Maybe you weren't there for him.

28. Maybe you should have been content.

29. Maybe you would never have been content.

30. Maybe you need to go away.

31. Maybe you need to stick around.

32. Maybe he'll remember how it used to be.

33. Maybe he prefers things this way.

34. Maybe you're better off now.

35. Maybe it will never get better.

36. Maybe you should remember only the good things.

37. Maybe his faults will help you see how much worse it could have been.

38. Maybe you need to stop wallowing.

39. Maybe you need to get this all out of your system before you can feel functional again.

40. Maybe you should tell him how you feel.

41. Maybe that wouldn't change things.

42. Maybe that would make things worse.

43. Maybe he's too proud.

44. Maybe you're too proud.

45. Maybe he's moved on already.

46. Maybe you should leave him alone.

47. Maybe you need to be more persistent.

48. Maybe you need to sleep on it.

49. Maybe you need to seize the moment.

50. Maybe it will work out.

51. Maybe it's over.

52. Maybe it'll never be over.


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Dec. 18th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
This is beautiful.
Dec. 19th, 2011 06:11 am (UTC)
Thanks. :) I actually wrote this before this. Part of the purging process, I guess.
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